Turnover: 2.6 million EUR (2018)

Country: France

In 2012, Archibald and Edouard launched BAPBAP, a Parisian craft beer and "made In Paris" financed by crownfunding. Their brewery is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Alongside their brewery, they also offer a tasting room and coworking space. The brand continues to grow, both in terms of its products, its reputation and its production. In 2019, the BAPBAP house is inaugurated, a convivial place where you can taste this Parisian beer. In the same year, the company raised 500,000 euros for a new website.

september 11, 2019 - Fundraising to continue the expansion - source(AGRA)

  • A 500,000 euro fund-raising campaign
  • New site in Ile-de-France to produce 20,000 hl/year
  • 70% of sales to bars and restaurants.
  • Sales expected to reach 2.5 million euros, with a profit of 338,000 euros in 2019.

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