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Country: France

  • Economic research firm founded by media economist Nicolas Bouzou
  • Nicolas Bouzou founded Asterès in 2006 based on the observation that the mass of knowledge held by intellectuals was rarely put to use by companies and governments. The firm was born of a desire to use research papers, statistical and survey methods, intellectual output and academic knowledge to address operational issues.
  • The Asterès culture seeks to marry the best of the intellectual and entrepreneurial worlds, at the confluence of research and consulting. Rigor must be combined with reactivity, the priority given to substance must be combined with the presentation of ideas, the policy of independence must be combined with the desire to be useful.ultimately, Asterès economists produce robust quantitative research while contributing to intellectual life through their books, articles and contributions to conferences and roundtables.
  • Firstly, total transparency of sources, methods and funders. Secondly, the refusal to commit in advance to the results of a study. Thirdly, economists must be accountable for their work to clients, the media and decision-makers.

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