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Country: France

the brand was founded in 2016 by William Hauvette and is aimed at urban, CSP+, 25-60 year olds. The slogan of the Asphalt brand is "Good clothes. Period." which reflects their willingness to bet on the quality of their products. The brand is distinguished by a strong universe and a loyal community. For example, regular customers are surveyed and share their ideal piece, which is then available for pre-order for 10 to 30 days on their e-shop.

Financial Data

DUNS: 534247416

Legal Name: SIX ET SEPT


Number of employees: Entre 10 et 19 salariés (2019)

Capital: 9 425 EUR

Financial Data:

Year Turnover (€) Net Profit (€) Fiscal Year End Fiscal Year Duration
2020 0 EUR 18 136 EUR 31/12/2020 12

Company Managers:

Position First Name Last Name Age Linkedin
Gérant Ying-yng WOO 56

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