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Country: Germany

German company organizing contemporary art fairs worldwide


Paris + by Art Basel brings contemporary art to the capital 19/10/2023

  • The global art gallery market represents sales of 37 billion dollars.
  • 48% of these sales are generated by contemporary art (artists born after 1945).
  • 11% is generated by modern art (artists born between 1910 and 1945).
  • The contemporary art market will increase 22-fold between 2000 and 2022.
  • Some works can exceed the million euro mark, with Rauschenberg going for $2 million, George Condo for $2.35 million and Marlene Dumas for $3 million.
  • Dealer Daniel Templon invests around 80,000 euros to take part in Paris +, and generates half its sales at ten or so fairs worldwide.
  • According to gallerist Nathalie Obadia, Paris + generates around 12-15% of her annual sales, and the 'four Art Basel' represent up to 30-35% of her sales.
  • Of the 150 galleries present at Paris +, only 30% are French.

Art fairs: at 25, Art Paris gets its revenge on Fiac 31/03/2023

  • Art Paris is the only major French fair in its category.
  • The fair features 60% French talent.
  • The fair welcomes 134 exhibitors from 25 countries.
  • Art Paris hopes to attract some 70,000 visitors this year.

The secrets behind Art Basel, the Swiss fair that pushed Fiac out of the Grand Palais 01/11/2022

  • Art Basel wins the 2019 RMN-Grand Palais tender
  • Art Basel also has events in Miami, Hong Kong and soon in Paris
  • In 1970, three gallerists - Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt - launched the first art fair in their home town of Basel
  • The event attracted 90 exhibitors and attracted major international galleries, collectors and curators alike

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