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Apothical is a group of independent pharmacists founded in 2016, which today boasts 65 pharmacies across France, over 300 partner laboratories and 600 million in sales.

The group is unique in that it comprises only very large pharmacies, with an average surface area of 500m2 per dispensary. Europe's largest pharmacy (3500 m2) in Saint Laurent du Var belongs to this group.


Cap 3000, Europe's largest pharmacy, from the Apothical group 23/12/2020

  • 3,500 m² XXL pharmacy.
  • Initial location: 500 m².
  • Cap 3000 pharmacy: 2,500 m² reserved for sales overlooking the central square.
  • Apothical has developed a loyalty card system, already distributed to over 200,000 people in just a few months.
  • 50.000 references.
  • 3.000 customers/day expected.
  • 20 pharmacists, ten dispensing staff, 5 nutritionists, one herbalist.
  • Medicines account for 30% of total sales.
  • Estimated sales in excess of 20 million euros.

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