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Country: France

ACT pharmacie is an independent pharmacy group. It is a cooperative SAS managed by pharmacists to serve pharmacists. ACT pharmacie considers the pharmacist as an entrepreneur and proposes 3 offers: Act reference for those looking for a classic network activity, it also allows the integration of a "passeport santé" network for prevention, it proposes a "cure and care" offer for the management of post chronic illness and post cancer.


Act Référence: huge growth potential 15/05/2023

  • New Act Pharmacie group founded by Lucien Bennatan: 2022
  • First Act Pharmacie congress scheduled: November 2022
  • Size of a typical Act Référence pharmacy: minimum sales area of 100 m².
  • Average sales for an Act Référence pharmacy: between €2 and €2.6 million
  • Opening of first Act Référence pharmacy: early 2024