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Country: France

  • The company develops space observation technologies to monitor, understand and predict global change.
  • Flagship project: GESat, a satellite constellation to measure industrial pollution, with a view to providing a reliable and accurate global measurement system for methane emissions on industrial sites.
  • We collect and process data in near-real time, ensuring reliable, rigorous feedback for civil, military and scientific applications.


Satellites: Grenoble-based Absolut steps up a gear 05/07/2023

  • European Union's Copernicus program: Grenoble-based Absolut has joined this program to collect environmental data.
  • The Grenoble-based company, founded in 2010, has 120 employees.
  • It has signed a contract worth several million euros over five years to send GESat satellites from 2024 to measure methane emissions.
  • The project involves sending a series of 12 satellites in 2025 and another dozen until 2027, for an investment of around 100 million euros.
    • Absolut Sensing subsidiary: This subsidiary is dedicated to satellite imaging technologies and is an integral part of the Copernicus project.
    • Subsidiary Absolut Hydrogen: Created in 2021 with a team of around 30 people, this subsidiary is dedicated to the development of liquid hydrogen storage solutions.
    • New subsidiary Absolut Quanta: Scheduled for 2024, its aim will be to develop a supercomputer using superconducting transistors at very low temperatures.
  • The company plans to employ between 200 and 250 people within a year.