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Country: France

A.I.R. Partenaire Santé is an association under the French law of 1901, founded in Caen in 1976 under the impetus of consulting physicians and pneumologists at the university hospital, in order to facilitate the return home of patients suffering from respiratory insufficiency.

A.I.R. Gaz Médicaux, whose activities complement those of A.I.R. Partenaire Santé, is a wholesale distributor of gases for medical use, as well as medical devices for their administration. A.I.R. Gaz Médicaux provides oxygen and/or MEOPA.

A.I.R. Gaz Médicaux provides oxygen cylinders of any capacity (0.4 m³ ; 1 m³ ; 3 m³) fitted with an integrated high-flow flow regulator (0 to 15 l/min) (emergency oxygen source)

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