Internet Market in Brazil

Brazil is one of the world's largest developing economies. Regarded as a BRIC nation by economists (Brazil, Russia, India, China), it has a population of over 200 million people. Its internet usage is growing rapidly, and from a global perspective, it appears as a huge market. During the first half of 2011 e-commerce in Brazil was worth over $5bn; however there is still a lot of space left to grow. There are many people in Brazil who have not used the internet yet, or made any transactions online. Some studies suggest that only one fifth of the population goes online on a regular basis. Also, a considerable amount of its population does not have access to broadband or home computers. Broadband speeds are low in many areas and this limits the opportunities for some businesses and online technologies. Investors and business people should also be aware that online piracy and fraud are significantly high in Brazil, and many believe more efforts need to be made to curb this, before Brazil can emulate the behavior of Western economies.     

Change is underway in the Brazilian internet market, and this is being driven by a number of powerful factors. Increasing wealth and disposable income among the middle classes means that there are increased sales of PCs, laptops and other devices which can access the internet. This is also pushing up the demand for ever-faster broadband, which is being implemented in many areas. Many Brazilian politicians clearly recognize the importance of online technologies and are keen to attract investment in the area. They are looking at ways to reduce the taxes connected to internet activity, in order to boost usage. As Brazil's wealth and prosperity grows its internet usage will surely grow too.


Nos études sur ce marché

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Nos études sur ce marché

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Nos profils d'entreprise

  • Pays : Brésil
  • Group revenue : 16.2 Mds $ (2014)
  • Position : Internet portal and TV

The internet portal of Rede Globo, Brazil's biggest TV network


  • Pays : Brésil
  • Group revenue : 488.9 M$ (2011)
  • Position : ISP

UOL is the biggest internet provider in Latin America and the largest in the Portugese speaking world


  • Pays : Brésil
  • Group revenue : 168 Mds $ (Google's market cap)
  • Position : Social network

Owned and operated by Google, it is Brazil's biggest social network


  • Pays : Brésil
  • Group revenue : 5,4 Mds $ (2014)
  • Position : Broadband and telecoms

Broadband and telecommunications provider which operates in Europe and Latin America, the third largest in the world


  • Pays : Brésil
  • Group revenue : n/a
  • Position : Telecoms

The largest landline operator in Brazil

Brasil Telecom

  • Pays : Brésil
  • Group revenue : 12 Mds $ (2013)
  • Position : Telecom

Major Brazilian telecoms company

Samba Tech

  • Pays : Brésil
  • Group revenue : n/a
  • Position : Online video

The main online video platform for Latin America

Grupo Pão de Açúcar

  • Pays : Brésil
  • Group revenue : 72,8 Mds $ (2014)
  • Position : online retail

Major supermarket chain and online retailer

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