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the vending machines market

Update 30/09/2019



The market for food vending machines refers to the sale of beverages and snack foods through vending machines in France. The most common machines are hot drink vending machines, such as coffee and hot chocolate, but there are also vending machines for cold drinks, fruit and snacks. The food offer is increasingly diversified towards sandwiches, dairy products and even open access biscuits and vegetables

The market is constantly expanding, thanks in particular to the business demand which are increasingly equipped with this type of equipment (more than 75% of vending machines are installed in companies). In France, 15 million drinks are sold in vending machines each year (14 million hot drinks and 1 million cold drinks) and the average expenditure per person is 35€ per year. The vending market (food and beverages) is dominated by the sale of beverages at more than 90% of sales, far ahead of food distribution. The number of beverage vending machines is estimated at nearly 600,000, including ¾ hot beverage vending machines

The market is divided between large specialized groups in vending machines, generally with a European dimension such as Autobar or Selecta, and subsidiaries of large food groups, such as Jede, owned by the Nestlé group, or MARS Drinks, owned by the MARS group. The market still tends to be concentrated with the purchase by large groups of independent companies (e.g. the purchase of local distributors by the Autobar group).

If hot cup drinks, such as coffee, remain the market's spearhead, distributors must respond to the innovation and quality requirements of customers. Indeed, the market for vending machines is on the way to reaching a certain phase of maturity and manufacturers must therefore differentiate themselves by offering innovative products, in terms of taste, service and presentation. Autobar, for example, is committed to an ecological approach and is the founder of the first European recycling programme for cups. The modernisation of beverage vending machines themselves, in particular by allowing dematerialisation of payments, represents a major growth challenge.

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