The Vegetated Roofing Market


1.1 Definition

The greening of a roof or Horizontal Vegetated Complex Wall (known as "PCVH") can be defined as the installation of a set of materials and plants composing a microflora with a water drainage system . The installation of green roofs is more suitable for new buildings, however, the greening of existing roofs is possible

A green roof is composed of several superposed layers:

  • A supporting structure
  • A vapour barrier
  • An insulating layer
  • A drainage and filtration layer with an anti-root surface
  • A substrate
  • A vegetation

According to the French Trade Union Chamber of Waterproofing (CSFE), green roofs have much better waterproofing qualities than traditional roofs, allowing them to increase sustainability ( heat reduction, water filtration, pollution control, etc.) of the roof. This technique was developed in architecture in the 1970s mainly in the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Switzerland and more recently in France and Belgium in the 1990s and 2000s.


The world market for green roofs is growing rapidly since 2014, dominated by the North American market followed by the European and then Asian market and driven by the construction and urbanisation policies of major cities.

The the French green roof market is dynamic although it lags relatively behind neighbours such as Germany and therefore has significant growth potential.

The demand is still very largely public in particular cities, with regard to commercial or residential areas. The legislative and fiscal framework also plays an important role in stimulating and encouraging the installation of green roofs.

More than the search for a particular aesthetic, it innovation is key in this market. Green roofs are constantly improving their performance environmental performances emissions, whether in terms of their potential for thermal and sound insulation, rainwater management or their impact on biodiversity. Green roofs are also prime locations for develop urban agriculture



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