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A vehicle or a vehicle is called second-hand if it has been in use for more than 6 months (from the date of first registration) and more than 6,000 km covered. France has an incredibly dynamic second-hand car market with more than 5 million transactions per year - by comparison, the new car market is about 2 million transactions. Sales of second-hand vehicles are therefore 2 to 3 times higher than sales of new vehicles in France.

The second-hand car market has of course been disrupted by the arrival of the web technology . This market currently has around twenty physical and digital players and nearly half of used vehicle buyers have done their research on the Internet beforehand. However, no car purchase is made solely on the web, except via the platforms for connecting individuals such as The Good Corner . Some twenty sites have been identified, including La Centrale, but the site's paid-for model is competing with Le Bon Coin, the leader in second-hand sales in France, whose costs are lower. These sites concentrate the opportunities offered for sale by individuals but many professionals are also present in these niches

Regarding the online sale of second-hand cars is Aramisauto which is the leader in France and which PSA has been associated with since 2015. Aramisauto's particularity has made it successful: this market player buys used vehicles, maintains them and puts them back on sale.

The second-hand vehicle market has a particularity in that it only covers the resale of vehicles between private individuals or through professional dealers. This market requires taking precautions concerning the condition of the vehicle (mechanical condition) but also concerning its origin (tampered with, stolen motorcycle) in order not to be a victim of fraud. This is why many people are gradually turning to professional resellers for more security.

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