The tutoring market

Update 30/09/2019


1.1 Presentation and definition of the tutoring market

The tutoring market covers all types of activities for students (primary and secondary education) to improve their academic level : private or group tuition in specific subjects, homework help for primary school students, holiday internships, copy correction.

It is at the high school level that students make the greatest use of academic support and studies show that it is parents who, in most cases, are at the origin of the initiative. A distinction is made between the client (the final recipient of the service: the student) and the applicant (the parents).

In 2008, the sector experienced a major crisis due to scandals related to questionable hiring methods and incompetent teachers that negatively impacted the image of operators

Faced with this credibility crisis, many operators, including Anacours and Cours Legendre, have started qualicert certification procedures to regain a positive and qualitative image.

The the tutoring market is currently growing in France and the tutoring segment provided by companies is worth several hundred million euros in 2018

It is also worth noting the popularity of home-school support activities, which concerned about one million students in France in 2018.

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