the Sporting Goods Distribution Market

Update 17/10/2019


1.1 Market definition

A sporting good can be defined as a piece of equipment used to practice a sport. It can be clothing (shoes, jersey, etc.), equipment (tennis rackets, football, handball, etc.) or even machinery, particularly used for weight training (rowers or mats for example). Talking about the market implies mentioning two aspects: manufacturing and distribution.

Nevertheless, sportswear - a type of clothing whose style has been designed in the United States, can be considered as sporting goods, although it refers more to a clothing trend than real items developed for sports practice. This study will, therefore, focus as much on sporting goods intended for practice as on sportswear items.

In a market once made up of small family businesses, the last few decades have definitively changed the established order. Production is no longer the same, transformed by technological innovations and globalization; and large companies, such as Decathlon and Intersport, control the distribution of sporting items. In addition, more and more startups are trying to make their way into a high-potential market.



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