The Sound System Location market

Update 06/11/2019


1.1 Introduction

The sound system refers to the diffusion of a sound signal over a large space, using electroacoustic systems . The fields of application of sound systems are varied. These are the following mainly the sound system for live performances, concerts or theatres , sound system using previously recorded sources or the broadcasting background and announcement music (in public places such as train station halls or supermarkets for example)

The sound system for an event is generally divided into two phases: the design of the sound system then the exploitation of this system. We will only discuss the system design of sound system.

In addition, we will treat the material part of the sound system.

This market is facing several new trends such as the dynamism of the event market which boosts sound system performance, the growth of the musicalization of points of sale and finally the development of a number of technology trends as networked audio or the devices of voice control .

The sound system technique is very different from one need to another. There are several main categories of needs

  • The sound system of sales/street outlets
  • The sound system of coffee/bar/restaurant
  • The sound system outdoors
  • The sound system of theatre and concert venues
  • The sound system of places of worship and the choir

The market for public address systems is mainly composed of the market for sound speakers . We will also discuss other products that come into play in the sound system of a place, such as the microphone, amplifier or mixer but in a less exhaustive way

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