The Refreshment Drinks Market


1.1. introduction

The soft drinks market includes the following different types of beverages, mainly marketed through food distribution networks (supermarkets, grocery stores...) or out-of-home tours (restaurants, bakeries, automatons...) :

  • soft-drinks (soft drinks or still drinks)
  • flavoured waters
  • syrups
  • fruit juice and vegetables

In France, the market is largely dominated by sales of carbonated soft drinks (or "BRSA") followed by fruit juice sales. The latter category has the particularity of being most often distributed under private labels, unlike the rest of the other categories in the soft drinks are mainly marketed under the brand names of manufacturers . It is also about the production of soft drinks, which represents the most dynamic segment of the market while fruit juice production is stagnating

Overall, the market is driven by the various innovations (packaging and new formats in particular) and the marketing efforts which make it possible to stimulate demand in a sustainable way, but also through a generalized price growth for many years

L' legal environment is decisive such as the impact of the soda tax on manufacturing costs and margins of individual manufacturers

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