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1.1 Presentation

The real estate market comprises buying, selling and renting, leasing of property and condominiums for commercial and personal household use. Among the real estate market, the real estate development plays a crucial role, being a business process that includes several activities: the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings, then the purchase of raw parcel and the sale of developed lands

The real estate development market encompasses all professionals whose main mission is to market built spaces, converting ideas from paper to reality . Although real estate development is not the same as construction, many developers also manage the construction process - and even the selling process like real estate agencies. In the meantime, developers are confronted with the greatest risks in the creation or renovation of a real estate. Thereby, these kinds of investors are always looking for the best market opportunities and the markets that seem to offer a good balance between risk and return.

With the 2008 financial crisis, Germany stood out as a prospective market for real estate developers. The safety of its economic conditions, the growing urbanization and increasing demand for real estates (housing and commercial) in Germany's main metropolitan areas have driven this market in the past decade , making it an attractive market for real estate developers.


1.2 International market

The real estate market is largely driven by rapid urbanization Grand View Research, Inc. report indicates that according to United Nations, around **% of the time of the global population lives in urban areas and this figure is expected to reach up to **% by **** due to the migration to the cities which ...

1.4 German market: a safe haven for investors?

Germany's real estate industry is currently in a cycle that can be tracked back to ****. The country's economic conditions and stability despite the crisis that hit at different intensities the European countries created the image of the German real estate market as a safe haven for investors . From **** to **** market developments ...


2.1 Trends

The German real estate development market has got lots of eyes on it. This industry has been attracting domestic, European and international investors since ****. Market trends for the real estate developments industry in Germany can be summed up into five main aspects urbanization and increasing demand, increasing prices, new forms of ...

2.2 La baisse des taux de crédits alimente la demande

Les taux d’intérêt des emprunts immobiliers sont un déterminant particulièrement important de la demande en immobilier. En effet, lorsque ceux-ci sont bas, ils encouragent les particuliers et les entreprises à investir puisque l’épargne est moins intéressante. À l’inverse, avec des taux d’emprunt plus élevés, ...

2.3 Tendances

Le marché allemand de la promotion immobilière attire tous les regards. Cette industrie attire des investisseurs nationaux, européens et internationaux depuis ****. Elle peut se résumer en cinq grandes tendances : l'urbanisation et l'augmentation de la demande, la hausse des prix, les nouvelles formes de travail, la technologie et ses ...


3.1 Production and Supply chain

The lifecycle of a real estate development can be broadly divided into three phases: opportunity definition, development and operations . Also, it is important for the developer to decide which activities to outsource, contract or purchase in.

Real Estate Development Lifecycle

Source: ****

The first phase consists of defining the opportunity. Although an ...


4.1 Products

The real estate developments and investments can be divided into categories according to their nature, but it is possible to separate them into two broad categories commercial real estate real estate and and residential real estate.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate comprises the different purpose real estate developments for commercial ...

4.2 Prices

The prices in the German real estate market vary according to location, type of property, and one may say technology related features as well. Germany has got * cities ranked in the Europe's most active markets in the PwC " Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe **** ".

Residential prices

When it comes to the ...

4.3 Trends in the producing side

Increasing prices

As a consequence of the previous trend, the demand is growing in a pace that the supply for real estate properties is not always keeping up. Thereby, the prices have started to rise in a number of market segments and cities, whereas in some less and less populated plus ...


5.1 Title of the current regulatory subpart

Objectives and expected content of the CURRENT REGULATION sub-section

Identify the major legal, policy and regulatory elements that are currently impacting the market, and how.

5.2 Title of the future regulatory subpart

Objectives and expected content of the sub-section REGULATION TO BE COMPLETED

→ Identify the major legal, policy and regulatory elements that will impact the market in the coming years, and how.


6.1 Segmentation

Segment companies in order to provide a relevant reading grid for company profiles.

  • Ralf Schmitz
  • Richter Haus GmbH
  • Actris
  • Wolfgang Warkotz
  • Bietigheimer Wohnbau

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