the real estate development market


1.1 Definition

The real estate development activity consists of the design and construction of real estate assets residential or not, in order to sell them to buyers who will then rent them out or use them directly. It must be distinguished from the activity of land development (developer, land developer) which aims to acquire large amounts of vacant land, then divide it into subdivisions to install many infrastructures (sewer, water...). Real estate development therefore includes all the means and actions implemented to acquire land , build a building and finally have it acquired by a customer

The real estate development market can be segmented into:

  • Goods intended for the accommodation (multiple dwelling, detached house...)
  • Goods intended for to companies (offices, restaurants, shops, warehouses, factories, hotels...)
  • Goods intended for leisure and/or to the public (gymnasiums, swimming pools, stadiums, hospitals, town halls...)

The global real estate market is mainly driven by United States and some cities in the world mainly in North America, Europe and Asia

The french market is growing . The majority of promoters' sales (in volume terms) concern housing for home ownership or investment

The real estate development market is largely dependent on several factors, including the demand from the private and public sector the level of the public subsidies , the credit rate granted or the household financial situation in the case of purchases of private homes.

Recently, it has been the warehouse segment which is booming while the demand for office construction has much lower rates. It is also necessary to include the many investments in residencies (such as senior residences) or, in the new technologies allowing you to better visualize a property, such as a 3D virtual visit. It is also important to focus on the legal context who wishes to encourage rental investment

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