The Ready Meals Market

Update 06/11/2019


1.1 Market definition

Fast food products, ready meals are dishes that only need to be reheated, or very poorly prepared, before being consumed . They can be found in different forms: canned, vacuum-packed or frozen. As defined by INSEE, prepared dishes are ready-made ready-made dishes that are ready to eat (prepared, seasoned or cooked)

These ready-to-eat products are distributed in mass consumption stores or in small local shops, and allow employees or families to eat easily, avoiding concerns related to home cooking

Today we are witnessing a revenue diversification - quantitatively and qualitatively - and the food used - meat, vegetables, seafood, fish - in order to suit new market segments including higher quality requirements especially after the scandals that hit the market in 2013 with horse meat fraud

The chain of production also tends to become more complex with distributors who are starting to manufacture their products themselves, and with the emergence of these young companies of prepared dishes, which seek to challenge the control of a few large companies


The ready-made meals market is very dynamic in the world and in France where he recorded a growth of nearly 4% over the 2013-2018 period to achieve 4% of the world market . There is a threat around ready meals, which are considered unhealthy by part of the population, and the market will have to overcome this vision to continue to evolve



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