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The Razor for men Market

Update 03/10/2019


1.1 Definition: a consumer good that meets an almost natural need

The men's shaver market is a sub-segment of the hygiene and beauty market for men . The razor is the device used by men mainly for shaving facial hair. We can oppose the straight razor "cabbage cutter", made up of a large, completely bare blade, used by hairdressers or enthusiastic amateurs, in the safety razor where only a portion of the blade is exposed.

The disposable blade razor was patented in 1904 by Gillette, the first electric razor dates from 1928 (invented by Jacob Schick), Gillette developed the first disposable "blade razor" in 1974. Today, razors generally have one to five blades.

The shaver (safety) market includes several segments

  • the lawnmowers
  • the electric razors
  • the mechanical razors (rechargeable razors / systems, associated blades and disposable razors)

The global shaver market is growing should remain so for the coming years, even if volume growth is more fragile. This is the Europe which dominates the world market while the latin American market is the most dynamic with strong growth

While the French market is dominated by mechanical razors, the segment is in sharp decline . The beard fashion and the appearance of pure players specialized in distance selling and development of subscription offers have disrupted the market. However, shavers remain mainly distributed in large and medium surfaces in France.

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