The pulp market

Update 30/09/2019


1.1 What is pulp?

Pulp (or pulp) is a material produced from plants, such as hemp, wood or flax . It is a raw material used in particular in the production of paper, tissue cardboard and packaging.

The first paper production from pulp was carried out in 1843, the production was gradually increased industrialized with the development of chemical and mechanical processes allowing the extraction of cellulose, and the elimination of lignin - from hard or soft woods.

There are two main types of pulp:

  • Market pulp produced in factories dedicated to the production and sale of pulp
  • The integrated dough produced by industries that use pulp in another process (e. g. graphic paper making)

The pulp market is dependent on the forestry market and the recycling of paper and cardboard. It also provides the raw material for the manufacture of cardboard, packaging, graphic paper, newspapers and handkerchiefs, and its dynamics are therefore highly correlated.


World consumption is driven by the Chinese market. And, if the use of pulp in the world for paper press where publishing is in decline, the pulp market is however dynamic in other segments such as industrial packaging.

The market also has to deal with the environmental challenge by reinventing its production methods and benefits from the increasingly reduced use of plastic.

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