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The padlock market - Germany

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

A padlock is a tool to lock a door, a safe or a suitcase, but also to buckle a chain. The padlock is composed of a lock mechanism and a mechanical ring monitored by a key or a system of encrypted wheels.

There are many models of padlocks that segment this market, ranging from the locking system, the degree of security, through the different dimensions and materials used to adapt to any type of use.

China is the main exporter of padlocks, in 2020 it exported 5 times more than the second largest exporter, Mexico. Germany has quite an important role in the padlock trade and produces almost 22% of the European total value in 2021.

The padlock market has not escaped technological developments, however, with the emergence of connected padlocks: these padlocks can be unlocked directly via a smartphone (remotely or locally) with Bluetooth operation or fingerprinting. Nevertheless, their use is still secondary and the priority is mechanical locks. Innovations in this market show that it still remains an interesting market, despite performances that do not follow the desired trend.

However, even if the market is not at its best, there are several trends that open the way to future growth, such as the trend around bicycles, a means of transport that is increasingly purchased and unfortunately suffers from many thefts. This is where the lock comes in, it is the ideal tool to reassure users, especially since with the development of the E-bike (electric bicycle), the value of the bike is increasing.lectric bikes), the value of bikes is increasing and with it, the amount invested in the lock in order to protect the investment made in the bike.

1.2 The European market

For the European market, we use Eurostat data with the following code:

******** "Base metal padlocks."

We observe a fairly stable value over the last ten years with a peak in **** reaching ***.* million euros. In ****, the value of German production was worth **.*** million euros, only a **.*% increase from ****.

Value of padlock ...

1.3 The domestic market

We are basing ourselves on the Eurostat data using the following code:

******** "Base metal padlocks."

As we can see in the graph below, the value of metal padlock production was slightly decreasing between **** and ****, losing almost * million euros of its value. However, the years **** and **** saw a sharp increase, reaching ...

1.4 International Trade

In order to observe the international tradec of padlocks in Germany, we benefit from UN Comtrade data using the following HS code:

**** "Padlocks and locks (***) of base metal; clasps and frames with clasps incorporating locks, of base metal, keys for any of the foregoing articles, of base metal."

Thus, this ...


2.1 Padlocks used during travel

Another area to which locks are strongly linked is travel. This first graph gives us the number of German travelers going on trips in recent years. It shows a stability between **** and **** before a strong impact of the health crisis in **** and ****. The figures for **** will be decisive in determining the ...

2.2 Bicycle locks

Bicycles are among the most important objects in our daily lives that are protected by locks. It is therefore relevant to look at the number of bicycles used in Germany. On the graph below, we can observe a real bicycle culture in Germany since there is almost one bicycle per inhabitant ...

2.3 Symbolique amoureuse

Les love locks, ce sont des cadenas que des amoureux accrochent sur des lieux emblématiques  partout dans le monde (***), notamment sur des ponts. Le principe repose sur la symbolique du cadenas qui représente l'amour dans un couple, et en lançant la clé du pont, le cadenas est donc ...


3.1 Value Chain

There are mainly two types of padlocks, those with a combination (***), even if we will see in part * that there are new ways of opening padlocks, involving new technologies. The type of padlock chosen depends on its future use, this part will be detailed in *.*.


The padlock is a locking ...

3.2 Related articles

Padlock keys

Padlock keys are just as important as the padlocks themselves. Whether they are purchased with the padlock or after the original key is lost, they are a separate branch of the market. Although the following code ******** does not refer only to padlock keys, but to "Keys for padlocks, locks ...


4.1 Typology of the offer

We have seen that the dimensions, the materials, or even the types of closures of a padlock can vary, here are the different types of padlocks according to its use:

key or code?

Code locks are often used when it is necessary to share access with a large number of users, ...

4.2 Metal prices and padlocks

Metal pricesFrance, ****-****, €/tonne, opening price

Source: ****

The prices of the above metals have been increasing since ****, especially steel, whose price has almost doubled in * years.

Sales prices

Source: ****

Prices vary greatly for padlocks depending on the range you are looking for. The first prices oscillate between * and ** euros according to ...


5.1 European regulations

The security level of a padlock

The European standard EN-***** measures the technical performance of a padlock. The padlock is subjected to ** resistance tests, so the intensity goes from * to *. Most hardware padlocks are not classified and correspond to a level * or *.

Most hardware padlocks are not classified (***). Indeed, this may ...


6.1 Segmentation of actors

The market is highly concentrated around * main companies that dominate the market: ABUS, Burg-Wächter and Master Lock.

  • Master Lock Europe
  • ABUS
  • Burg-Wächter

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