The motorcycle and scooter repair market


1.1 Market definition

A two-wheeler is defined as a vehicle equipped with two wheels allowing the simultaneous transport of one or two persons . The driver can control the steering with a handlebar while sitting on a saddle. In the back, the potential passenger can also benefit from a saddle to sit on

For two-wheelers, it is important to distinguish between two categories:

  • the cycles two-wheelers: two-wheelers non-motorized like mountain bikes, or equipped with an auxiliary electric motor
  • the motorcycles two-wheelers: two-wheelers motorized equipped with an internal combustion or electric motor, like motorcycles, mopeds...

Two-wheeler services bring together the maintenance activities and to repair work operated in car garages by professionals in the sector. Maintenance can range from simple cleaning to a complete overhaul of the vehicle. Repair is carried out in the event of a vehicle problem - particularly in the case of road accidents, which are common among motorcyclists.

The motorcycle world has generated renewed interest over the years, mainly for speed competitions organised in the four corners of the globe. Sportsmen and workers see in this means of transport simplicity and freedom. Nevertheless, two-wheelers provide a living for thousands of people in France, thanks to the passion of some and the need for repairs of others.

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