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The Men's Ready-to-wear Market

Update 18/11/2019


1.1 Definition of the scope of the study

Men's retail ready-to-wear includes different categories of clothes , of accessories and to shoes

The distribution of men's ready-to-wear can be done through several channels

  • physical
  • online
  • hybrid models like "click and collect"

The global clothing and footwear market is in slight growth, driven in particular by the dynamism of the segments sports clothing or the children's fashion . Men's fashion is also very dynamic thanks in part to the increase in purchasing power of emerging countries or continuous development of sales areas

The the men's ready-to-wear market in France is growing slightly and should remain so for years to come. It represents about half of the turnover of women's ready-to-wear clothing. Just like the latter, the ready-to-wear market has a seasonality organized between sales or marketing operations periods (such as Black Friday)

Competition is fierce in all segments of men's ready-to-wear and the marketing and communication campaigns are more than crucial to stand out (presence on social networks, associations at sports and cultural events, recruitment of ambassadors and brand muses, etc.)


Innovate on how to distribute and reaching the end customer is also a clear market trend, between pop-up stores, increasingly innovative digitisation and article customization

Faced with the criticisms of "fast fashion" (a model of constant renewal of collections, at very low prices), the world of fashion, and men's fashion, is facing the ecological issue. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to the environmental impact of the production of the clothes they buy and many brands are entering the a sustainable fashion and more environmentally friendly. Hence also the fad for second-hand ready-to-wear (thrift stores and online resale sites)

Men's ready-to-wear must also be able to meet customer-specific challenges for example, increasingly inclined to express themselves through their clothes (the workwear segment is no longer as dynamic as before) and is still often disappointed with the purchasing experiences sometimes considered too long.

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