the Medicalised Retirement Homes Market


1.1 Definition of nursing homes

The term retirement home includes several types of medico-social institutions offering various housing solutions for the elderly. A retirement home can be public or private, medicalized or not, specialized or not, etc.

In this study, we will focus only on the 4 types of nursing homes:

  • The EHPADs (Établissements d’Hébergement pour Personnes Agées Dépendantes, referring to institutions for the accommodation of dependent elderly persons): these retirement homes target dependent elderly people for whom permanent supervision by a medical team is necessary.

  • Alzheimer EHPADs: These EHPADs are specialized in the care of people with Alzheimer's disease.

  • The MAPADs (Maisons d’Accueil de Personnes Âgées Dépendantes, referring to homes for the reception of dependent elderly persons): these homes are located near city centres in order to allow their residents to live individually in the vicinity while benefiting from the supervision of a medical team.

  • USLDs (Unité de Soins de Longue Durée, referring to long-term care unit): in these facilities, medical staff are permanent and medical equipment is reinforced to ensure the total and constant care of the elderly.

As the majority of EHPADs are very much in the majority, this study will focus mainly on this category of nursing homes.

With the ageing population and the saturation of nursing homes, the market suffers from strong demand. This phenomenon is all the more pronounced as binding regulations create a barrier for new entrants.


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