The market for the installation of communication networks


A communications network electronic can be defined as any facility for the transmission or broadcasting of communications and telecommunications. In particular, the following are considered to be electronic communications networks: networks satellite , networks, networks terrestrial systems using the electricity grid as long as they are used for the routing of electronic communications and the networks providing the diffusion or used for the distribution of audiovisual communication services.

According to the Futura Sciences there are several types of networks to consider in the market:

  • The LAN (Local Area Network), a communication system designed to connect a few hundred computers and peripherals within a radius of a few kilometres. The local network, which appeared in the 1970s, has developed considerably with the development of microcomputers in the 1980s and the advent of the Ethernet communication standard.
  • The WAN (Wide Area Network), a network generally consisting of several heterogeneous sub-networks extending over an entire region or country. This network is used only for data. For the telephone, it is a long-distance network (long-distance network, toll network or long-distance network).

Another distinction must be made between the fixed line networks and the mobile line networks in the telecommunications sector. In addition, the residential line networks must be differentiated from the business networks .

France now has 70,000 base stations dedicated to telecoms and more than 25,000 4G sites in 2016. As a result, electronic communications operators in the end market generate revenues of several billion euros while fixed and mobile telephone traffic is stagnating after two years of continuous decline.

In 2015, the evolution of the number of users of 3G and 4G networks, respectively 4.7 million and 10.8 million, generated very strong growth in mobile data consumption at 86.3% over the year. These facts can be explained by an extension of the territory's coverage by 4G networks and the increase in the population's equipment with adapted terminals contributes to the growth in usage. It is therefore a virtuous circle that has been established.

The market for the installation of telecommunications networks is dominated by a handful of digital developers, construction and telecoms players. The numerous antenna buyouts are symptomatic of a market for the installation of telecommunications networks in the midst of pooling resources.

The French authorities, which have always made the granting of telephony licenses to massive and continuous investments in the installation of telecom networks, are now turning to the very high speed deployment in "white areas", poorly served by operators because they are not very profitable.

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