the market for sports applications

Update 07/11/2019


1.1 What is a sports application?

Sports applications can be defined as applications that can be downloaded to smartphones, allowing users to measure their sporting activities s or of set objectives via programs integrated into the application. They can be used alone, keeping your smartphone with you during exercise, or by using a connected bracelet that records the expected data, such as the fitbit bracelet .

The market for sports applications is at the intersection of the e-health in other words, all technological innovations that help to keep in shape or assist health professionals in their work; but also that of of sport

The market is relatively young since it only appeared with the real emergence of the first smartphones - so it has less than ten years -but has established itself as a particularly effective tool for athletes

While many applications had developed independently, the market is now being penetrated by major sports equipment manufacturers, such as Nike with Nike Run Club



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