the Manufacture of Veneers and Wood Panels

Update 02/10/2019


1.1 Definition of market issues

The manufacture of wood veneers and panels is a sub-segment of the wood products manufacturing market and more broadly of the woodworking market. The manufacture of wood veneer and panels includes the manufacture of:

  • veneer sheets, whether polished, dyed, coated, impregnated, reinforced or in the form of patterns
  • plywood, veneered wood and panels
  • chipboards
  • medium-density fibreboards (MDF)
  • densified wood manufacturing
  • glued laminated timber manufacturing.

Regarding the production of wood panels, there are several market opportunities:

  • construction
  • furniture
  • packaging
  • others, including DIY

The global market is in relatively slow growth but keeps going. China is followed by the United States and Russia, which are the world's largest producers. The panel segment is the most dynamic one.

The French market's growth is supported by the good health of the construction industry and the furniture market's dynamic segments.

However, the market suffers from the low competitiveness of the French wood sector and many producers based in France are producers who are international companies. The veneer and wood panel manufacturing industry depends on them, on the location of their production sites and on the international market. Thus, foreign suppliers benefiting from competitive advantages (more affordable labour force, important forestry resources such as in Eastern Europe) can capture demand and increase their market share in France.

The market for the manufacture of wood veneers and panels can rely on the development of a legal context eager to enhance the value of sustainable and environmentally friendly productions through the implementation of PEFC and FSC labels  .

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