The holiday village market

Update 03/10/2019


1.1 Introduction

According to INSEE, is considered as a "holiday village" any accommodation complex that is the subject of a global exploitation of a commercial or non-commercial nature, intended to provide holiday and leisure stays according to a fixed price including the provision of meals or individual means to prepare them and the use of community facilities for sports and cultural leisure activities ».

Historically, the democratization of holiday villages has been achieved with the emergence of 5-week paid holidays in France in the 1970s. In the 1990s, the offer became multifaceted, whether it be from private companies, non-profit organizations or mutuals and works councils.

The holiday village market can rely on the tourist attractiveness of France a increased attendance

The diversity of formulas and locations where are located its holiday villages allow to address a large diversity of population segments, who often uses holiday vouchers to pay for their stay. The clientele being largely family oriented and attracted by formulas including a large number of services and activities

With the help of a favourable tax framework, the different actors of the holiday villages are looking to a attract new owners for their housing, going so far as to encourage them to invest in energy renovation projects that make it easier to upgrade their infrastructure

However, the holiday village market has to face the enormous competition from housing solutions from private individuals to private individuals (Airbnb) and renew its offers to take advantage of the trend towards holidays without particular and environmentally friendly activities, known as "slow", without compromising the quality of the stays

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