The gift box market

Update 30/09/2019


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A gift box is a box offered to a recipient containing two elements:

  • a guide, in the form of a booklet, which offers a selection of activities, places and services
  • a gift certificate which allows you to set the service once you have chosen it

Since the 2000s, there has been a growing interest in this type of gift in France this is mainly due to the increase in two- to four-day stays, boosted by the introduction of 35-hour working hours and the advent of RTTs.

In addition, current trends are turning towards customizable or personalized gifts, which may explain the success of gift boxes. For the person offering it, it is the assurance of not making a mistake, while minimizing the time spent looking for the gift that will please. As for the person benefiting from it, he or she has total freedom, both in terms of the type of activities or stays and the period

Finally another type of box has developed more recently: the concept of subscription boxes, or monthly boxes . Since 2011, it is the beauty sector that has brought this practice to the forefront, before it spreads to other fields.



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