The funeral market

Update 12/11/2019


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The funeral market is the market related to funerals following the death of a person. The funeral market is composed of two main types of players

  • funeral services (funeral planning)
  • marble services (making tombstones and monuments and flowers)

In Italy the ceremony is generally religious (of Catholic influence) and standardized in its structure, consisting of a few basic formal and traditional phases that do not leave much room for personalization of the client (whether it is the family of the deceased or the recipient of the future funeral service), although it is also necessary to include the additional services (funeral furniture, type of cap and related accessories, obituary, secular or religious rites, flowers, etc.) specific to the company chosen to perform the ceremony

The funeral market is closely linked to the structural demographic changes of Italy, in favour of its development. This is partly reflected in the increase in turnover of funeral services.

But this growth has its limits. Indeed, we observe the reduction in family spending and the the rise of cremation and secular practices (reduction of expenses for cemeteries and burials). To this must be added the foreign competition coffin manufacturers who offer products at a lower cost. The Italian companies then try to make the most of the opportunities differentiate by offering higher quality services.

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