the Frozen Products Market

Update 13/11/2019


1.1 Scope of the study and definition

Deep-freezing is a process that quickly lowers the temperature of a food commodity, still in a state of freshness and sanitation, up to -18 °C through. Freezing, a similar but less efficient process, offers slower cooling and a less qualitative rendering in the plate.

There are several techniques for deep-freezing a product:

  • Contact freezing is used for net fish, for example.
  • Forced air circulation technology is used in particular in the case of vegetables.
  • The immersion method is used in the case of chicken legs.
  • THE IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) consists of immersing the food in a liquid gas.

These complex industrial techniques require that the core temperature of the products must always be kept below -18°C, which gives distributors a real technical challenge.

This study on deep-frozen products will focus on the different market segments, business to business and business to consumer, and the different forms they can take (home delivery for example). The manufacturing or the products themselves will also be taken into account.

In a difficult context, marked by the market maturation and the relative consumer disinterest for frozen foods, the strategy of the dominant players must evolve towards increased diversification of their offer to gain in sales volume.




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