The flower market


1.1 Market definition

The cut flower market includes several players, including producers , the wholesalers and the specialty stores Most bouquets of cut flowers, picked or offered, can be kept for about a week, although some varieties can be kept for up to 15 days. Cut flowers are most often used for interior decoration such as ornamentation at funerals and in cemeteries

The European market for the consumption of flowers and ornamental plants represents a large part of world consumption. These are the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Denmark which are the largest consumers, relative to the number of inhabitants. In the foliage market, the cut flower segment occupies a prominent place followed by the living plants segment

It should also be noted that the increasing importance of emerging countries in the production of cut flowers due to favourable climatic conditions , of the aggressive pricing policies and progress in terms of transport (particularly maritime). Moreover, the geographical expansion of production and the development of logistics solutions emissions, particularly long-distance transport capacity, are the main factors driving the cut flower market

According to our estimates, the French cut flower market is dominated by the interior design segment Then come the segments of plants for cemetery and funeral plants. The majority of French imports of cut flowers come from the Netherlands, even if their production could be carried out in another country (Africa, South America)

The French market is stimulated by the development of new distribution methods online such as the rise of subscriptions, "boxes" or "clicks" mechanisms

Finally, the French market can rely on the growing sensitivity of some consumers to the consumption of local products, and in this case cut flowers produced in France. Moreover, the label "Flowers of France" was set up to promote "made in France", the use of short circuits and a season production . However, many people face the price argument will prefer to buy cheaper imported foreign productions

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