The Five and Futsal Market


1.1 Definition and presentation

Futsal is a sport derived from football that is traditionally played on a small indoor field and involves two teams of five players. Although there may be a difference between futsal discipline and futsal activity, futsal, under this name, refers to indoor football complexes - for a fee.

Futsal was created in Uruguay after the 1930s World Cup and is a recent phenomenon in Europe. The futsal was originally called foot-bola-sala or futebol de salão literally salon football and comes from the contraction between the Spanish or Portuguese word for "football" and the French or Spanish term for "interior". Its introduction in the European continent was late, in France the futsal concept is believed to have been imported in 2005 with the creation of the first Urban Football complex in Puteaux. 

After an exponential growth between 2005 and 2014 a phase of consolidation took place between the main complexes in 2014, leading to the creation, on a national scale, of a market where the company "Urban Soccer" - the result of the merger between Urban Football and Soccer 5 - as well as its challenger "le Five" - the result of the acquisition of Soccer Park by the Five, concentrate more than half of the complexes and exercise their leadership, particularly in the Paris region. The French futsal and five market is currently estimated at several tens of millions of euros.

Complexes also tend to diversify their activities. This diversification is twofold and first concerns the services offered to players . The complexes have adapted their offers to their two privileged clienteles, young people and companies, by offering them the organisation of special events or seminars in their complex. More recently, this has resulted in the introduction of new activities such as basketball, badminton, or Bubble 5 .



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