the eyewear market


1.1 Definition and presentation

Eyewear market includes items and accessories worn on or over the eyes. Eyewear are worn for a number of reasons, among the most common, one can find usage as a fashion adornment, for lack of visual abilities or for protection.

The three biggest categories of the eyewear industry indeed are:

- Spectacles

- Sunglasses

- Contact lenses

The industry therefore includes all actors and processes involved in the design, production and retail of eyewear. At a worldwide level, promising projections towards the growth of the market are expected. The aging population and consequently development of life expectancy around the world is one of the responsible variables for the positive forecast of a growing number of people needing spectacles. In developed countries, the estimates grow even farther, with around 70% of adults in need of corrective lenses. The latter is reinforced by the rise in disposable income, which is expected to continue to push premiumization of the eyewear industry in all segments, especially among non-corrective glasses.

While many high-end French manufacturers are performing well in export markets, many local brands in charge of product distribution are in fierce competition with each other.

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