The Driving School Market - 9


1.1 Definition and presentation

The driving licence as we know it has existed in France since 1922; whereas driving schools appeared and developed in the 1950s and 1960s in order to fight road accidents and train drivers in road safety.

Driving schools are organizations that provide theoretical and practical training for future drivers in preparation for the obtainment of a driving licence. The theoretical exam consists of 40 questions with a minimum pass score of 35 correct answers. The driving test lasts approximately 32 minutes and assesses the candidate's ability to drive and manoeuvre the vehicle as well as his knowledge of the vehicle's operation.Driving schools can also intervene before the driving licence examination by raising awareness in schools (APR, ASR, BSR, ASSR). 

However, driving schools are mainly used during the examination period to train the candidate and prepare him or her for the driving licence. Finally, they still have a role to play after obtaining a driving licence as part of the "educational continuum" through company actions, refresher courses or courses to recover licence points.

The driving school market is a fragmented market with a large number of small players spread over the territory, but online offers are beginning to emerge and weaken existing players, who are also transforming by adapting their training.


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