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Update 08/10/2019


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The driving licence as we know it has existed in France since 1922. Driving schools appeared and developed in the 1950s and 1960s in France in order to fight road accidents and train drivers in road safety.

Driving schools are organizations that provide theoretical and practical training for future drivers in preparation for the passage of a driving licence or the examination of the highway code . The theoretical exam consists of 40 questions with a minimum pass score of 35 correct answers. The driving test lasts approximately 32 minutes and tests the candidate's ability to drive and manoeuvre the vehicle as well as his knowledge of the vehicle's operation.

In France, the driving schools are involved before the driving test through awareness-raising actions in schools (APR, ASR, BSR, ASSR). Then they intervene within the review period in order to train the candidate and prepare him for the driving licence. Finally, they still have a role after obtaining a driving licence in the framework of the "educational continuum through actions in companies, advanced training or internships to recover permit points.


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