the dental prosthesis market


1.1 Definition and presentation

The market for dental prostheses or "dental implants" refers to the production and distribution of equipment for the functional and aesthetic restoration of teeth. The prostheses are made manually or with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems.

One can identify different types of dental prostheses available on the market:

  • Metal prostheses
  • Synthetic resin prosthetics
  • Ceramic prostheses (with or without metal frame)
  • Zirconia prostheses

The European market for dental prostheses is dominated by Germany and Italy, which have a large number of laboratories producing prostheses. The Italian dental sector is driven by the rapid development of new technologies, and among all categories, the best performance is recorded indeed by the prostheses.

The number of laboratories has remained fairly stable in recent years, but the percentage of those that use digital solutions is growing, undoubtedly making the scenario more competitive at the expense of traditional laboratories.

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