The Dental Prosthesis Market


1.1 Scope of the study and definition

The market for dental prosthesis or "dental implants" refers to the production and distribution of equipment for the functional and aesthetic restoration of teeth. The prosthesis are made manually or with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems.

One can identify different types of dental prosthesis available on the market:

  • Metal prosthesis
  • Synthetic resin prosthetics
  • Ceramic prosthesis (with or without metal frame)
  • Zirconia prosthesis

The European market for dental prostheses is dominated by Germany and Italy, which have a large number of laboratories producing prosthesis, followed by France and Spain.The French market, though, has seen almost no growth for several years and a decline in the number of employees in the profession. France faces strong international competition through players that offer services at lower cost, particularly thanks to computer-aided design, which makes it possible to industrialize certain prosthesis manufacturing processes and sometimes encourages "dental tourism" for patients seeking cheap services. 

The market is also extremely linked to the current health system, which can provide reimbursement for dental prosthesis services. Recent regulatory changes have focused on preventive care rather than prosthesis installation by capping the amounts reimbursed, which is another difficulty for French market players.

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