The dance market

Update 06/11/2019


1.1 Market definition and presentation

The dancing is a art and a sport which consists in carrying out a series of ordered movements with one's body, usually accompanied by a musical background. This study focuses on the market for dance classes in France .

Different people types of dances exist in France and are grouped into different segments, of which the following is an almost exhaustive list, according to the French Dance Federation

  • The artistic dance (hiphop, contemporary dance, jazz dance, modern dance, classical dance)
  • The sports dance (Latin dances, 10 dances, etc.)
  • The rock dance (acrobatic rock, boogie woogie, lindy hop, etc.)
  • The country dancing (torque and line)
  • The leisure and social dances (Argentine tango, salsa, world dances)
  • The pole dance

Dance is generally taught in dance schools but also by tutors in institutions such as Youth and Culture Houses in France , of the sports halls or even by private coaches


According to a survey conducted by France Bleu , 22% of those surveyed have already taken dance classes in 2017 when 19% of the French would like to take some in the coming weeks . In conclusion, more than 40% of the French would be interested by dance classes in France. In 2017, 4 million French people practiced dance ( USC ).



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