the costume jewellery market

Update 16/10/2019


1.1 Presentation and definition of the costume jewellery market

According to the dictionary Larousse a jewel is a "object of jewellery precious by material or by work"

The category of "costume jewellery" does not have a strict definition accepted by all. Nevertheless, in this study, we will define "costume jewellery" as original jewellery as fashion accessories which differ from jewellery made with metals (gold and silver), diamonds and precious stones.

The materials used to make costume jewellery are therefore extremely diverse (base metals, glass, plastic, synthetic stones, semi-precious stones, pearls, ivory, leather, terracotta...)

Similarly, the offer of jewellery is extremely heterogeneous, therefore offering very different price levels . This is part of the reason why costume jewellery attracts a broad consumer base where all age groups are represented

The fashion jewellery market is growing rapidly worldwide and represents several tens of billions of dollars in 2018. The the French market is particularly dynamic and weighs about half a billion euros in 2018.

Purchased for oneself or to offer, the costume jewellery market also benefits from the growth of online sales a distribution channel that posted the best growth figures in France in 2018

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