The corrugated board market


1.1 Definition and general presentation of the market

It is in 1856 that corrugated paper was invented, by the British Healley and Allen, to make hats. In 1871, the first use of corrugated paper for packaging fragile objects was made in the United States, followed by the American Oliver Long, who combined corrugated paper with a cardboard board to reinforce it

In 1888, the first English corrugator was installed in France by an American company . The corrugated board industry has accompanied the advent of the consumer society.

Completely material recyclable corrugated cardboard has many advantages

If it is mainly used for product packaging of various economic sectors (agri-food, consumer goods, equipment, etc.), it suitable for many applications (packaging, promotion of shelves in supermarkets, interior furniture, etc.).

It also enjoys a certain positive image among French consumers

The French market represented several billion euros and more than two million tonnes produced in 2017. While paper and cardboard production was at half-mast, the production of the corrugated board segment showed relative growth in France in the same year.



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