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the chocolate market

Update 06/11/2019


1.1 Presentation and definition of the chocolate market in France

The chocolate market  can be subdivided into several product categories according to the Panorama of food industries :

  • The chocolate bars (black, milk, white, filled, etc.)
  • The sweets  chocolate (chocolate candies, bites, rocks, cobblestones, etc.).
  • The bars chocolate
  • The dough  à  spread
  • The cocoa

The global chocolate industry should be growing for the coming years driven by the Asian and Indian market, while the the European market is slightly down.

In France, the market is made up of a few major international players and many SMEs, manufacturers organised in networks of shops as well as a multitude of small craftsmen.

The French market is growing slowly and, as in many other markets, has a low growth rate level of cyclical activity, which increases sharply during the holiday season (Easter, Christmas). Consumers are also increasingly sensitive to ecological and fair trade certifications

Source: Data compilation - Busnesscoot processing


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