The Bottle Water Market - 2

Update 13/11/2019


1.1. Presentation and market definition

 In France, activities related to the consumption of bottled water can be grouped under the nomenclature "Table water industry".

The bottled water market concerns producers and consumption:

  • d' spring water and water mineral
  • of water flat or bubbly
  • of water returned mineral by treatment

Like the global market, the french bottled water market is concentrated around historical leaders and  such as Danone, Nestlé Waters and Neptune, otherwise known as Roxane (Cristaline brand, market leader). The distribution of bottled water is mainly organized in food supermarkets and the market is growing slightly

These actors have to face two major obstacles to their development: the ecological argument and the one from the cost . Without recycling, bottled water has a significant impact on the environment because of its plastic container. Market players must therefore face increased competition from tap water consumption, which is more environmentally responsible and largely supported by ecological lobbies


Bottled water has a image of quality and safety . These are also the communication axes chosen by these brands to promote their products and feed their marketing efforts

Bottled water can also boast  meet specific needs (supply of minerals and specific compositions) and to have great taste . Hence a relatively well-off and/or elderly clients, concerned about her health.



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