the biscuit market

Update 07/11/2019


1.1 Presentation and market definition

Biscuits are generally made of flour, eggs, sugar, and sometimes fat. The biscuit market in France includes both sweet and savoury biscuits. It differs from the confectionery or chocolate markets, but like the latter, it offers a real product diversity. It concerns in particular: dry biscuits, egg and wafer biscuits, chocolate pastry biscuits and assortments, and soft cakes and gingerbreads.

Sweet biscuits (egg, butter, etc.) are usually consumed at breakfast, at 4 p.m. or at mid-morning snack time.

Savoury biscuits (or appetizers' snacking, excluding chips), on the other hand, are mainly consumed in France at the time of the aperitif (around 7 p.m., before dinner).

France holds more than 100 biscuits factories on the territory (from VSEs to large groups), and the total annual consumption of biscuits and cakes is around 8 kg per person, close to the European Union average of 8.4 kg per person. Dry and snack biscuits accounted for about 40% of this total consumption in 2016.


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