The Beauty Institutes Market

Update 04/11/2019


1.1 Presentation & Market structure

The beauty institute market refers to all business activities correlated to beauty treatments in beauty salons that are performed by independent or under-name institutes. A beauty salon can be defined as a place that supplies cosmetic treatments to men and women intended to improve appearance , such as:

  • hairdressing
  • manicuring
  • foot care
  • nails manicure
  • facial aesthetic
  • aromatherapy
  • massage

Noteworthy, beauty salon and a hair salon shall be considered separately despite many small businesses in Italy provide both sets of treatments at the same time -and clients are used to combine both at once.

The beauty institute sector in Italy is composed of numerous small and medium-sized beauty salons , some as deductibles

The market has very much low barriers of entry making it easy for newcomers to set up a business even though a specific certificate must be obtained. Hence a proud competition . Nevertheless the beauty institute institute market is dominated by big players using their power to their power to sell their own products and increase their revenues

The clients choose their beauty salon based notably on proximity criteria and second by the expertise the beautician Word of mouth plays also a big role in attracting new customers and customer relationship is key to retain customers

Attendance to beauty institutes tends to vary significantly depending on the individual's needs, but a typical clientele in Italy is considered to be predominantly composed of women mainly between 15 and 44 years old. Still very small relatively to the women segment, the men segment is growing is growing and few beauty salons are trying to capture this increasing demand

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