Subcontracting Market in Luxury Goods


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Unlike the supplier, subcontracting consists of an exclusive contract and a close partnership between the principal and the subcontractor which commits the latter to carry out part of the sponsor's production.

Since it covers the design, manufacturing and production phases subcontracting therefore concerns a very specific link in the luxury sector and its market is a luxury segment a real heavyweight in the French economy. The branch is composed of craftsmen of excellence highly qualified people who work with leather and textiles, but also with crystal, porcelain and even gold, to make watches or tableware.

Subcontracting in the luxury sector in France is also characterised by the singularity of its players the principals can be summed up almost exclusively in three major French luxury companies, including subcontracting SMEs / VSEs are highly dependent. The market is complex due to the limited information disclosed by major groups and the phenomenon of cascading subcontracting (some subcontractors themselves outsource part of their activity) which multiplies the levels of subcontracting and the number of actors.

In an era of globalization and environmental issues, the transformations of the sector are considerable and the challenges they entail are increasing.



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