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Update 05/10/2019


1.1 The board game, a timeless element of leisure

Board games have distinguished themselves by their ability to survive the ages and, even today, they are still at the heart of French leisure habits. Indeed, from the game of go to the Monopoly or the 1000 Km, board games have gained a special place in the leisure habits of French households. Like Dungeons and Dragons or Diplomacy, some games create and bring together entire communities and a myriad of derivative products.

But what is a board game?

Board games are difficult to define in absolute terms, and are generally characterized by:

  • More or less complex game rules;
  • A minimum of 2 participants;
  • The need for one or more material supports (game board, counters, pen, dice, cards).

Despite the revolution it represents, the advent of digital technology didn't distressed the market for board games, which always find takers by representing approximately 14% of the toy market.


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