Le marché des incubateurs et accélérateurs


1.1 Definition and scope of the study

In order to facilitate and support the launch of startups there are two main types of devices, public or private:

  • The incubators They intervene before the creation and during the first stages of the company's life, accompanying the project leaders in order to enable them to turn their idea into a structured and viable business . The incubation period generally ranges from 12 to 24 months. Incubators often offer equipped premises, professional support ( coaching training), and sometimes funding.
  • The accelerators Often private, they intervene during a more advanced phase of the company and over a shorter and intensive period (3 to 4 months). Their objective is to accelerate the growth of the newly created company .

The French market for incubators and accelerators is very dynamic, france being one of the countries in Europe with the largest number of these structures . A wide range of actors are at the initiative: major groups, grandes écoles, private actors, local authorities, etc. The market is supported by a favourable context: enthusiasm for start-ups, especially among young people, record venture capital fundraising, dynamism of the French Tech network.

Nevertheless, competition is intensifying strongly on the market, taking the form of competition between support structures in order to attract the best start-ups, forcing them to lose selectivity in order to fill their hosting spaces. In addition to being in a position to hyper-competition between them incubators and accelerators are also in competition with other structures such as coworkings or nurseries . In response to tougher competition, incubators and accelerators are diversifying their offerings by focusing on financing start-ups, or by creating their own investment funds.

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