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1.1 Presentation and definition of the office property market

The real estate development activity consists of the design and construction of real estate assets residential or non-residential, in order to sell them to purchasers who will then rent or use them directly. It must be distinguished from the activity of land development (developer, land developer) which aims to acquire large amounts of vacant land, then divide it into subdivisions to install many infrastructures (sewer, water...). Real estate development therefore includes all the means and actions implemented to acquire land , build a building and finally have it acquired by a customer

The real estate development market can be segmented into:

  • Goods intended for the accommodation (collective buildings, individual houses...)
  • Goods intended for to companies (offices, restaurants, shops, warehouses, factories, hotels...)
  • Goods intended for leisure and/or to the public (gymnasiums, swimming pools, stadiums, hospitals, town halls...)

This study will focus on the construction and development of office buildings in France. There are many indicators that can be used to describe the activity of the office property sector. We will focus primarily on the amount of annual investments, the average price of investments per m², the average rent per m², as well as the demand placed.


The French market is located in on a positive trend and the investment levels are increasing in the few years following the crisis

The market has the particularity of being intrinsically linked to macroeconomic factors . More than the return to growth, the market is also partly driven by more direct factors such as the increase in the number of business centre spaces

It is also a relatively small market cyclical concentrating investments in the fourth quarter of each year and with most of its business in the Île-de-France region It is also important to note that the demand for office real estate comes from several institutions on the one hand, of the investment funds acquire buildings, new or second-hand, and rent them out; on the other hand, of companies rent or buy offices directly according to their needs and activity

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