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The public lighting market refers to all activities related to the energy sector that require the provision of public lighting service. The latter is a service that all municipal authorities are obliged to provide in the areas they administer for their citizens. But street lighting is also defined as all equipment, articles and devices (street lamps, lamps, lighting towers, lighting, etc.) that compose and operate together to provide lighting for public places. It is therefore both a set of goods and a service to the community.

In Italy, public lighting is one of the most important items on the list of energy expenditure of Italian municipalities, representing 20 to 30% of the municipal energy bill. In a majority of cases, all costs related to street lighting are borne by the entity that owns the infrastructure and provides the service.

For this reason, technical development of public lighting infrastructure has recently been reconfigured and updated by local authorities, in accordance with European and national requirements, in order to meet the following requirements:

  • limiting energy consumption - that's efficient lighting.
  • reducing light pollution - that's intelligent lighting.

On the one hand, UNI 11248 standard currently regulates public lighting infrastructure projects in the country by determining the type of lighting (depending on the road, junctions, traffic, presence of pedestrians, potential hazards, etc.) and by defining the lighting parameters in particular to limit energy waste, lighting inefficiency, light intensity and light pollution.

On the other hand, public lighting projects have been carried out as part of public-private partnerships (PPPs) in recent years, thus allowing the local administration to contract with a private service provider for the service (lighting) rather than for the asset (lighting infrastructure). This study focuses on the Italian street lighting market in terms of both services and assets.



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